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The applied companies is proud to offer a safe easy and convenient way to manage your money the global cash card MasterCard this little card has a MasterCard logo right on the front making it possible for you to pay your bills online to make online purchases and to even open accounts that require credit card when you start work we will issue a non-branded card on the front of the card is a sticker with the number for activation do not try to activate your card until after 1 p.m. on the Thursday before your first paycheck because early activation is almost never successful once you've activated your card you will be able to access your money instantly the best way to do that is through an ATM that can be found by doing an ATM locator search at global cash card com you will be looking for all Point ATMs most 711s carry a Ballpoint ATM the 7 to 10 days you will receive a branded card in the mail this card is in essence a MasterCard debit card you will need to set a PIN with this card you can use this card in most retail locations' grocery stores gas stations shopping of any sort that you fill up — it's a great card to have it's very convenient to use as with this card that card can also cost you in fees if you use it in the wrong ATM, so please remember if you need to get cash back with that card more than the limit will allow at the register please go to a Ballpoint ATM both of these cards are linked to the same account, so please try to protect both cards at all times we hope that you enjoy your card and that we've answered all of your questions thank you
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